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Who will be online?


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Dear OWASP Academy Portal members,

I am Ivan Buetler, head of the Hacking-Lab project. As agreed with
Martin Knobloch and Achim Hoffmann, I have sent an OWASP Germany
invitation to the user base of Hacking-Lab (4500 contacts). Hopefully,
this will create some more attendees for Achim!

Martin asked me to introduce the OrganizationManager feature tonight. I
will send you a WebEx session (it's the first time I am using this as
the moderator) and I will explain everything you can do tonight at
10.p.m (invitation by Martin Knobloch)


PS: Any feedback is appreciated. Let me know if something is missing.

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Subject: Join OWASP Germany Day (November 17, 2011)

Dear Hacking-Lab User,

It's now time to register for the upcoming OWASP Germany Day next
Thursday November 17th in Munich! Don't miss latest information about
Web Security from experts around the world. We are very proud to
present, together with the OWASP Germany, OWASP Global Education
Commitee (GEC) and OWASP Academy Portal the FREE OWASP TOP 10 hands-on
lab challenges. The first time we know, you have the chance to test your
skills with OWASP TOP 10 issues online - and your solution will be
evaluated by our OWASP teachers. 

Martin Knobloch, head of GEC will announce the Academy Portal and
Hacking-Lab service and from then, every OWASP member will have free
access to the OWASP TOP 10 security puzzles. Solve them and receive
points, powered by Hacking-Lab but used and run by OWASP! OWAS

Get first hand information about the FREE HANDS-ON Training at OWASP
Germany Day. Register Today and make sure you are enjoing the social
event next Wednesday night. Anyway, Munich is a great city to be! Let's
rock the city.  

Important Links:
* OWASP Germany: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/German_OWASP_Day_2011
* OWASP Academy Portal:
* Hacking-Lab main page: https://www.hacking-lab.com/
* Hacking-Lab OWASP TOP 10 page:

Thank you!
e1 at hacking-lab.com

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