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Frederic Ye frederic.ye at mlstate.com
Wed Mar 21 22:27:25 UTC 2012

Hello dear Opa community,

Just a mail to keep you informed about the latest Bootstrap changes (nightly build).

Bootstrap CSS and icons are now included in stdlib.
We aslo included font awesome fonts-icons.

To use the latest Bootstrap CSS and Icons (2.0.2 at this time) : 
- import stdlib.themes.bootstrap

If you just need BS CSS, but another set of icons : 
- import stdlib.themes.bootstrap.css
- import stdlib.themes.bootstrap.opa-icons (or stdlib.themes.bootstrap.font-awesome)

If you want to use the previous bootstrap (with opa-icons) :
- import stdlib.themes.bootstrap.v1.4.0

You can found the icons names in our (deprecated) bootstrap documentation : http://bootstrap.opalang.org/#icons

Our Bootstrap widgets (generating bootstrap ready HTML chunks) has also been updated.

To use them, `import stdlib.widgets.bootstrap` and then use the module WBootstrap.
There has been some API changes, so you will have to be careful when upgrading your code...
The documentation has not been updated, so if you want to use them, look at the source :)
We do not plan to upgrade bootstrap.opalang.org to the new syntax and widgets for the moment.

The previous bootstrap widgets has been moved into stdlib.widgets.deprecatd.bootstrap.

Thanks for your attention, any feedbacks / contributions welcome !!


Frederic Ye
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