[Opa] Windows installer and Opa plugin for Sublime Text 2

Rudy Sicard rudy.sicard at mlstate.com
Mon Mar 5 11:29:30 UTC 2012


The long awaited installer for windows is coming soon.

*Windows Binary Test installer*

Before making a wider communication,
we wish to have test it on various configuration (and there's a lot of 
Windows flavours).
This is the purpose of this mail, I am seeking for beta tester.

The installer can be downloaded here:

Any comment or problem or bug can be posted here:

*Opa plugin for Sublime Text 2*

People not interested in Windows can still give a try to the Opa Sublime 
Text plugin:

1) To install it manually, copy the plugin file Opa.sublime-package 
in  Sublime Text 2/Installed Packages/

2) To activate the plugin while editing:
View -> Syntax -> Opa

Thanks for any contibutions.


As you may know, Stephan Hadinger has done the hard work concerning the 
windows/mingw/msys port.(https://github.com/shadinger/opalang 
Many thanks to him.

This work + windows installer elements will appears on our public 
repository soon.


1) The installer:
Should install Opa (at least).

and if you accept to do some post install check:
Should print a very basic readme.
Should advise you to download gcc, if not installed (mingw).
Should advise you to download Sublime Text 2, if not installed.
            or install the Opa Sublime Text 2 plugin.

In case of failure of post install check, you can replay the check by hand.
Call (either by search or execute field in the start menu):

Issues with installing gcc can find answers here: 

2) The plugin:
Should help you to see life in colours.
Should help you to reach the doc (contextual menu).
Should help you to build very simple project (the current plugin package 
is broken for this part).
Should help you to be more efficient by generating skeleton for frequent 

You can post any comment or bug here:

The source code of the plugin will be online soon, so enthousiast users 
could share their improvments.
Curious can have a look in "%APPDATAT%\Sublime Text 2\Packages\Opa" or 
".config/Sublime Text 2/Packages/Opa/",
after the plugin is installed.

3) Cygwin and Microsoft compilers

The cygwin port is still around, behind more complex (msys does a good 
job in handling automatic file path conversion),
its future will depends on whether people need an almost full Linux 
ecosystem on windows or not.

The same remark goes for using other C compiler (like Microsoft one), it 
can be re-enable if many user ask to.


PS: Sorry for this duplicate send, but some people on the list didn't 
receive the first one.
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