[Opa] safe way to modify attributes?

Owen Gunden ogunden at phauna.org
Mon Jan 23 01:18:24 UTC 2012

Dom.set_enabled did the trick -- thanks!

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Alok Menghrajani <alok at fb.com> wrote:
> The safe way to do this might be Dom.set_enabled(foo, false) ?
> I noticed there is no set_attribute_and_escape_things_for_me(), however
> most attributes have a setter (I.e. set_enabled, set_height, set_style,
> etc.).
> Alok
> On 1/22/12 11:43 AM, "Owen Gunden" <ogunden at phauna.org> wrote:
>>I came across Dom.set_attribute_unsafe and I assume this is called
>>unsafe for a reason. Is there a safe way to modify attributes in the
>>Or perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way. What I'd like to do is
>>to disable and grey-out a button after it is clicked. I can add the
>>class "disabled" but I think I also need to add the attribute
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