[Opa] Opa and debugging

Alok Menghrajani alok at fb.com
Thu Jan 19 15:55:20 UTC 2012

For CSS, I usually link to a style sheet which is not served as a resource
(but instead served from an apache server). This lets me make changes to
the css without having to recompile things.


On 1/19/12 2:23 AM, "Adam Koprowski" <Adam.Koprowski at mlstate.com> wrote:

>  If things go wrong, indeed logging seems to be the solution of choice,
>just as Frederic explained. For HTML & CSS problems Chrome's debugging
>console works like a charm (in tandem with '-d' and similar options of
>Opa programs). However using the console to debug JS can be tricky at
>best, as most of JS of Opa programs is generated automatically. On the
>server side one could in principle try ocaml debugging facilities but if
>one succeeded in that I'd be very impressed indeed :).

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