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Adam Koprowski Adam.Koprowski at mlstate.com
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yes, Rudy already resolved it. :)
  Yes, indeed he beat me to it :)

> Btw. I guess the usage of Session might be another way of storing values
> clientside, if not even the right way compared to other languages. An easy
> example would be helpful there too, but I don't want to bother you guys too
> much for now. So thanks!
  Absolutely! You'll use sessions *a lot* in Opa! In a nutshell a session
is a: (1) state + (2) channel that can be used to send messages to the
session (which can alert it's state). Simple but very powerful. Did you
read our blog post<http://blog.opalang.org/2011/09/sessions-handling-state-communication.html>introduction


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