[Opa] MongoDB regression

Clement Le Marc clement at revolutionmobile.fr
Thu Apr 26 16:05:47 UTC 2012

Hi again,

Upgrading from v1555 to v1698, our application is not working anymore 
due to some mongo issue. Accessing the database triggers the following 
error :

    OpaSerialize.unserialize Failed to unserialize from a string
    Bson.bson_to_opa Failed for map key value type Campaign.sponso_id
    File "stdlib/apis/mongo/log.opa", line 80, characters 4-16,
    (80:4-80:16 | 2496-2508)
    @fail: -1
    [SESSION] Uncaught exception: "{fail: $"-1"$; position: $"File
    \"stdlib/apis/mongo/log.opa\", line 80, characters 4-16, (80:4-80:16
    | 2496-2508)"$}"
       The following message is skipped.:
         If you want (msg, st, ctx) debug printing set debug variable
    session_debug >= 200

Did any version introduce some major changes in mongodb high level 
support ? is there a version we should fall back to ?

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