[Opa] Json deserializing

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 18:47:15 EST 2011

So, what I was initially seeing that I thought was a real problem with the
deserializer may not be the problem now that I've seen the code fail a new

The error message below happens when Json.deserialize is run on a string
which contains a list of strings. The first few times I was working on this
it was my assumption the problem was that some of them were not actually
Strings -- I had cases of it having 'String =' but it was actually a Json
Record that it was saying was a String.

But now all of these are clearly Strings and it is still complaining about
the types.

Does this error make sense to anyone or do you need more information?

[OpaSerialize.finish_unserialize] Type doesn't match value :
value : {List = [{String = a}, {String = a}, {String = a}, {String = a},
{String = a}, {String = a}, {String = J'ai presqie fini}, {String = J'ai
fini!}, {String = test}, {String = Test}, {String = Test}, {String = Test},
{String = hey}, {String = hey}, {String = hey}, {String = hey}, {String =
hey}, {String = hey}, {String = hey}, {String = hey}]}
 on type : {TyConst = {TyString = {}}}
 inside the main type string
Cell_Server "Bad formatted cell message"
File "stdlib/core/rpc/core/cell.opa", line 393, characters 8-28,
(393:8-393:28 | 12134-12154)
@fail: Cell_server

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