[Esapi-dev] Supporting Large Environments

David Sklarew david.sklarew at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 22:54:27 EST 2010


   I have a very large JSR portal with 50+ wars and growing..


I have noticed a few challenges.  They include:


1) Lack of support for multiple validator configuration files.

In my organization, we desire standard validation patterns to be stored in a
single location and used by all apps.  Apps also need their own validation
config file.

--> Proposal: modify property "Validator.ConfigurationFile" to support a
list of files to load.

Minor code modification



2) Storing esapi.properties in the filesystem is preferred ( simple
maintainence).  However, it contains app specific properties (ie. appname).

--> Proposal: allow wars to override these properties through use of thread
local variables.





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