[Committees-chairs] FW: Attention to supporters of student projects on your website.

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Kate, et all,

Parts of this will be included in the academy-portal project, once it is up
and running.
For the time being, you can forward them to the "broken web application"

That is an alpha status project, but I am pretty sure any help would be
The university could contribute to the project, I would suggest!


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> Hello
> First of all, thank you for organizing the topic list on application
> security and the articles and videos to explain the concepts, attacks and
> vulnerabilities.
> I'm not as fluent as I would like to be in creating clients and servers,
> but I am an old-line programmer who can work out the programming part of a
> project.
> I'm writing for your advice on creating a test configuration to exploit a
> vulnerability with a particular attack (we have not yet decided on a
> particular attack).  I would like to carry out our study in a 'sandbox' test
> configuration consisting of a network, white hat victim client, a black hat
> aggressor, a server which offers a very simple service (kind of a 'hello
> world' service).  We need access to the source code for client and server in
> order to create the vulnerability and attack.  We need enough functionality
> to discover the attack through logs (alternatively, our distressed white hat
> client reports a 'rip-off' and the server realizes he needs to report
> sufficient information about the transaction flow in the log to discover the
> attack.)
> We could create all this from scratch.  But, if there is a exploritory
> framework existing of client and server that we can modify with the
> specifics of our projects, I would appreciate knowing about it
> I have a little bit of experience with ruby on rails, so perhaps we can
> start with it.  But we could proceed with any framework and language.
> Regards,
> George Snead****
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